by Andrzej Sosnowski

March 15, 2011
poems | pb | 150 pgs
5.5" x 8.5"

"Like absolute music . . . Even a cursory reading reveals Sosnowski the linguist, the religious Sosnowski, Sosnowski the jokester, the dead-serious Sosnowski-as-economist." 
—Adam Wiedemann

Lodgings is the first representative selection of Sosnowski's work available in English. Spanning his entire career, from the publication of Life in Korea in 1992 to his newest poems, this is a book whose approach to language, literature, and the representation of experience is simultaneously resonant and strange—a cocktail party where lowlifes and sophisticates hobnob with French theorists and British glam rockers, unsettling us with the hard accuracy of their pronouncements.

One of the foremost Polish poets of his generation, Andrzej Sosnowski’s work demonstrates a dazzling range of influences and echoes, from Ronald Firbank and Raymond Roussel to John Ashbery and Elizabeth Bishop. Also an influential editor and critic, he has received most of the literary honors available to poets in Poland, including the prestigious Silesius Prize. 

Translated from the Polish by Benjamin Paloff


About the Author: Andrzej Sosnowski was born in Warsaw in 1959. A poet, translator, and essayist, he studied and later taught in at the University of Warsaw. His collections include Life on the KoreaNouvelles impressions d’AmériqueA Season on HelConvoy: An Opera, and Zoom. He has translated many American and English Poets, including Ezra Pound, Ronald Firbank, and Edmund White, and he has received many literary prizes, including the Kosćielski Foundation Prize and the Kazimiera Iłłakowiczówna Prize.

"Reading Andrzej Sosnowski is basically a never-ending process: each act of reading calls for another." 
Grzegorz Jankowicz