Open Letter—the University of Rochester's nonprofit, literary translation press—is one of only a handful of publishing houses dedicated to increasing access to world literature for English readers. Publishing ten titles in translation each year and running an online literary website called Three Percent, Open Letter searches for works that are extraordinary and influential, works that we hope will become the classics of tomorrow.

Making world literature available in English is crucial to opening our cultural borders, and its availability plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy and vibrant book culture. Open Letter strives to cultivate an audience for these works by helping readers discover imaginative, stunning works of fiction and poetry and by creating a constellation of international writing that is engaging, stimulating, and enduring.


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Anastasia Nikolis,
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Jennifer Grotz, Associate Professor, Department of English, Univ. of Rochester
John Michael, Chair, Department of English, Univ. of Rochester
Claudia Schaefer, Rush Rhees Professor of Spanish, Univ. of Rochester
Joanna Scott, Roswell S. Burrows Professor of English, Univ. of Rochester
Stephen Sparks, Bookseller, Green Apple Books
Declan Spring, Senior Editor, New Directions


Along with generous support from individuals everywhere, Open Letter is grateful for the past and present support from the following organizations, foundations, agencies, and programs:

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Individuals can purchase Open Letter titles through our online store, literary bookstores everywhere, and all major online retailers.

Organizations, such as libraries, who are interested in purchasing our First 25/50 collections should also order directly through Open Letter. 

Please note that international shipping is only available for subscriptions.

Send any questions regarding individual orders to contact@openletterbooks.org.


Chad Post, Publisher


To apply, please send an email with the following information:

Name, position, school, department, mailing address, the book you'd like to receive, course title, and course starting date.



Open Letter is a literary press that publishes ten books annuallymostly novels, but also collections of short stories, poetry, and literary essays. We only publish books in translation and do not publish children's or young adult literature, plays, self-help books, or how-to guides, etc.

Our editors are looking for contemporary literary fiction from around the world that is unique, distinctive, and that will have a significant impact on world literary conversation. It is strongly recommended that persons who intend to submit a query should familiarize themselves with Open Letter's publications before submitting.

Please submit using our Submittable page HERE.

Translators and authors wishing to submit a fiction query should include:

  • a one-page cover letter containing relevant autobiographical information about the author and the translator and a short description of the manuscript
  • a sample translation of approximately 20 pages (more is appreciated)
  • a list of the author's published works, if available
  • a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) for reply, if submitted in hard copy

Our poetry editor is looking for contemporary poetry from around the world that is unique, distinctive, and that will have a significant impact on world literary conversations. The poetry should engage with contemporary formalist poetic concerns (line, syntax, sound, etc.) while also pushing thematic boundaries. 

Please take a look at our poetry catalog. We are especially interested in publishing perspectives and languages that haven't appeared before in our *poetry* backlist.

Translators and poets wishing to submit should include:

  • a one-page cover letter that includes a brief biography of the poet and the translator; a description of the manuscript; a description of translation difficulties posed by the particular poetry text; a list of the author's published works, if available.
  • a sample translation of at least 20 pages (more complete manuscripts are preferred, but not required)
  • The reading period (and response period) is May and June, but you may submit any time throughout the year.

Because of the volume of submissions, we simply cannot respond to phone, fax, or email inquiries about the status of queries or manuscripts.

The status of your submission can be seen by logging in to your Submittable account.

Hard-copies of queries or submissions may be mailed to:
Editorial Department
Open Letter
University of Rochester
Morey Hall 303, Box 270451
Rochester, NY 14627