The Land of Fear


by Isaac Rosa

ebook (epub) Only

March 21, 2016
novel | 210 pgs

One of the most recognized authors of his generation, Isaac Rosa brings an eclectic range of writing styles to the story of Carlos, a regular citizen whose fears range from the ordinary to the absurd. We see ourselves in Carlos, the every-man who must overcome the paranoid wanderings in his internal land of fear, or be consumed by it.

Translated from the Spanish by Robert Rinck

About the Author: Isaac Rosa, a celebrated Spanish author, was born in 1974. His El pais del miedo (The Land of Fear) was received to great acclaim in Spain and was the recipient of the Premio Fundación Jose Manuel Lara in 2008. He has received many other awards and has published seven novels. The Land of Fear is the first of his works to be translated into English.

About the Translator: Robert Rinck has an MA in Literary Translation Studies from the University of Rochester, and a BA in Spanish Language and Literature from Stony Brook University. At various points in his life he has lived in Madrid, and taught English for a military school and academy in Valdemoro. The Land of Fear is his first full-length translation.