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"All Your Books Are Belong to Us" T-shirt


by Open Letter

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Book people. 

Can you spot them just by looking at them? Is it the way they walk (like they've spent years hauling canvas tote bags bursting with their latest bookstore buys)? Is it the way they talk (did the person in front of you at the coffee shop for real just refer to their preference for dark-roasts as "Proustian"?)? Is it the grammar puns or appropriated video-game meme taglines emblazoned across their shirts?

Who knows! But whatever it is, it because of and for book people that we do what we do, and why we love doing it.

Let the world know you're a book person, and exactly who all those books are belong to!


About the shirt:

Unisex T-shirt (see images for size chart)
90% Cotton | 10% Polyester 
Heather-gray & featuring our signature Open Letter orange for lettering and logo
Limited edition shirt for our 10th anniversary year!