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Open Letter wants you back! So we've got a special offer for you:

Resubscribe in April 2017, and we’ll send you a free copy of our newest title, The Invented Part, AND extend your subscription out for a second free book. So, over about 14 months you'll receive a big 12 Open Letter titles for the same low price, including free shipping within the U.S.!

Over about twelve months, receive the next 10 Open Letter titles for only $100, including free shipping within the U.S.

Each title will ship to subscribers before its publication date, along with a letter from the publisher with a story about the book, how we came to publish it, or why we think it needed to reach the hands of English-language readers (the occasional T-shirt or other goodie has been known to sometimes appear, as well . . .).

It's the absolute best way to receive the greatest international literature in English translation.

Your new subscription will include:

  • *FREE* The Invented Part by Rodrigo Fresán (pub date: May 2017)
  • Salki by Wojciech Nowicki (pub date: Jun 2017)
  • Tómas Jónsson, Bestseller by Guðberger Bergsson (pub date: Jul 2017)
  • Island of Point Nemo by Jean-Marie Blas de Roblès (pub date: Aug 2017)
  • If I Were a Suicide Bomber by Per Aage Brandt (pub date: Sep 2017)
  • North Station by Bae Suah (pub date: Oct 2017)
  • The Brahmadells by Jóanes Nielsen (pub date: Nov 2017)
  • Her Mother’s Mother’s Mother and Her Daughters by Maria José Silveira (pub date: Dec 2017)
  • The Same Night Awaits Us All by Hristo Karastoyanov (pub date: Jan 2018)
  • The Endless Summer by Madame Nielsen (pub date: Feb 2018)
  • Forthcoming Title (pub date: Apr 2018)
  • *FREE* Forthcoming Title (pub date: June 2018)