The Bulgaria Collection


by Open Letter

Since 2010, Open Letter Books has partnered with the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation to publish some of the best literature from Bulgaria, quickly becoming one of the premier publishers of Bulgarian literature in translation.

      Here's a list of all the books included, with links to learn more about each one:

      The Elizabeth Kostova Foundation's goals are to promote the teaching and professionalization of creative writing in Bulgaria; to encourage, challenge, and publish highly talented literary writers in Bulgaria; to create connections among Bulgarian, American, and British writers; to assist in the training of translators for contemporary Bulgarian literature; to facilitate the publication of Bulgarian writers in English; to nurture readership of Bulgarian writers in Bulgaria and abroad.

      The Еlizabeth Kostova Foundation is a nonprofit organization in public interest, founded in Sofia, Bulgaria, on May 24, 2007, with a mission to support Bulgarian writers and Bulgarian literature.